Gap Year South Africa

Surf Emporium recommends Gap Year South Africa for any traveler wanting to visit and experience South Africa!

Spend your Gap Year with Gap Year South Africa learning to surf or improving your surfing, coaching surfing and assisting under-resourced school children through education, sports coaching, environmental awareness and/or health awareness in local communities in Cape Town, South Africa.

Surfing Volunteer Projects in South Africa

While participating in the Gap Year South Africa Gap Year surfing project you will not only learn how to surf or improve your surfing but gain exposure to the surfing lifestyle and culture of the local community. Our Gap Year South Africa surfing project is a step by step introduction to surfing and/or an improvement programme for your surfing. As part of your experience you will also assist professional surfing coaches in coaching people from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Community volunteering forms an integral part of this project. Each morning will be spent in our partner under-resourced local community school. You will be contributing to the lives of underprivileged children through education, sports coaching, environmental and health awareness.

Gap Year South Africa surfing projects typically involve the following daily activities:

  • Community volunteering (all morning)
  • Learning to surf (afternoons)
  • Assisting in delivering surf coaching sessions (afternoons)
  • Learn about the day to day running of a surf school and surf shop (afternoons)
  • Exposure to the surfing lifestyle (everyday)

The Gap Year South Africa surfing projects are co-ordinated under the expert guidance of professional champion surfer and coach Roxy Towill. Our projects are run in conjunction with our partner Roxy and Quiksilver Boardriders Surf School and Store based on the Muizenberg beach front. You will be provided with full access to the surfing facility including hot showers, change room, lockers and use of all necessary surfing equipment (board and wetsuit). Our surfing project also entitles you discounted prices on all in store products. The Gap Year South Africa surfing project will require you to be outdoors on a daily basis. Surfing provides you with healthy exercise as well as familiarising you with the sport of surfing.

The Gap Year South Africa surfing project includes the following surfing lessons:

  • ABC basics of surfing
  • Wave predictions and weather charts – how to correctly chart the weather conditions and predict optimum conditions for surfing
  • Types of surf breaks – learn the difference between split peaks, multiple random peaks, point breaks, reef breaks and beach breaks
  • Fitness for surfing – you will learn about fitness for surfing and how to get the most out of your surfing
  • Safety in surfing – all safety procedures will be taught, including basic beach and water rescues
  • Surfboard construction – you will learn the art of board construction, how surfboards are made from the beginning, starting with a polyurethane blank and finished with a polished surfboard.
  • The history and development of surfing – you will learn about the sport of kings and how surfing first started and used to settle disputes between the Hawaiian kings
  • Environmental factors – the ocean ,weather, waves, rips, tides, currents
  • Nutrition for surfing – optimum nutrition for optimum performance
  • Sharks – you will learn in detail about ocean life, sharks and the shark spotting programme
  • Career Opportunities- you will learn about the possible career choices that can be made surrounding the sport
  • Surf rules and etiquette – you will learn how to manage yourself in the line up
  • Introduction to stand up paddle boarding – theory and practical
  • Theory on intermediate surfing (the next level)
  • How to run a surf school and surf shop
  • How to teach surfing lessons

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