5 Business Principles we can Learn from Surfing

Often we face the internal battle to find balance in our lives. Work slowly creeps up to become all consuming and you are left wondering how you ended up in the place you are today.

I have discovered these 5 simple business principles we can all learn from surfing. In short the more time you spend surfing can increase productivity and performance as we learn valuable life lessons that can be applied in the office too. These simple surfing principals may in fact increase our efficacy and even result in reducing our time allocated to work...which means more surfing!

Understand the basics, do your homework and never be afraid to ask a question when you are unsure. In a new environment it may seem intimidating and the fear of sounding like a "kook" holds many surfers back. Remember everyone started surfing in the foam. Watch how those that excel are doing it and build a solid foundation.

Be in the moment:
If you are not I the moment you will quickly end up underwater! Surfing enhances mindfulness...this moment, now, this wave coming through, this ride...if not, you will wipe out and that's not fun. As we paddle out or head to the office, focus on the present moment.

Choose your direction:
Look in the direction you want to go...don't look behind you to where you have come from. Time spent looking back may cause you to fall off your board and the wave will pass by. Anticipate what is about to come and be ready for the ride ahead.

Small steps to giant leaps
Don't let the pro at the back line tell you "it came easy". He spent many hours training and expanding his knowledge through testing each step. Success in the surf or the office comes from hard work. The harder you work the easier it becomes.
Putting time in the water and being open to feedback go along way to making you a better surfer.

Preparation is key:
Being prepared keeps you a step ahead of the game! Checking the forecast, checking your equipment and being ready to anticipate last minute changes will keep you on the front foot. Not everything goes to plan but how you deal with last minute changes in the ocean and office will make all the difference. Be prepared as you possibly can be for every scenario.

Surf through not to:
Stay committed and follow through. If you have committed to improving then paddle out in all conditions, regardless of what others think or how many people in the water. Drive to the beach with the intention of giving your 100% regardless of what situation you are faced with.

Next time you are feeling life is out of balance head to the beach for your next "board meeting". It will certainly make all the difference.

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