Back to Basics #01What board should I be riding?

Back to Basics #01:

We get asked this question regularly by surfers a varying skill levels “What board should I be riding?” Here is what we suggest.

Surfboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes from short, curvy shapes to longer, straighter shapes.

Shorter, curvier shapes are easier to turn but for a more experienced surfer that can comfortably navigate their way to the back line pushing under oncoming waves.

Longer, straighter shapes are easier to paddle on and assist with catching waves, but can be more difficult to turn.

The best board to master the basics of surfing is a longer, more stable surfboard. Select a board with a round nose for extra board surface area in the water which increased stability.

Minimal’s (7ft-8ft) and Longboards (9ft) are fantastic learner boards. Happy Surfing! #surftip #sundaysessions #learn2surf #surfemporium