Back to Basics #02 Taking Care of your Surfboard

Back to Basics #02

Whether you are renting a board or taking the big step to buy your own, here are some important tips to surfboard care both in and out of the water.

Out of the water:

  • Check that fins are secure, not loose before and after surfing
  • Wax on the top deck will melt if left in direct sunlight or a hot car. You can use board bag/cover to protect your board out of the water.
  • Surfboards should be stored out of direct sunlight.
  • Any dings (damage), where fibreglass is broken and foam is exposed, should be repaired asap (the foam core will absorb water if the board is used and the dings are not repaired).
  • When carrying your surboard remember to handle your boards using buddy system (two people carrying two boards together) , under the arm or on the hip.

In the Water:

  • Hold the surfboard at your side perpendicular (90°) to the waves.
  • Keep the board under control at all times, for your safety and others, especially when passing over or through waves. (Don’t let the board go)
  • Always pay attention to the waves, never turn your back on the ocean.
  • Turn "beach side", don’t get the surfboard between you and the wave. (Ask us for more info on beach side turning!)
  • Locate and get your board under control as soon as you surface after falling.
  • Be especially careful in strong winds.
  • Never ride your surfboard all the way to the sand. This will knock out the fins and cause damage to the surfboard
  • Follow the basic principal of "one person per wave" in the frontline for safety.

If you are a beginner we always advise you get some instruction on the "ABC's" which cover your Safety and How To's! Click here for more information on the various lesson options available at Surf Emporium

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