Back to Basics #03 Your Surfboard Leash

8 Things you should to know about your Surfboard Leash

Your leash is a critical part of your surfing. Dont try and be that guy that paddles into the lineup with no leash. You are simply lookng for trouble! The rules are No Leash = No Surf! Here are 8 things all surfers should know about their Surfboard Leash. 

Leash Storage: Leash should be neatly wrapped around the board for storage and checked for damage occasionally. The leash will save you from a good long swim to the beach.

Attaching your leash to your surfboard: Use the nylon string to loop through the leash plug when attaching your leash to your board. This string is called a rail saver. Make sure its not too long as its job is to “save your rails” from damage the leash could make.

Getting ready to addle out: Lay your board at the waters edge, gently pull the leash out to make surf it has no twists, loops or knots before putting it on.

Always: wear a leash for your own safety, others and your board – Always ! No excuses!

Never ditch the board: Wearing a leash doesn’t give you liscence to ditch your board!

Which is your leash Leg: The leash should be worn on the back foot, should be snug and facing outwards. (Under the wetsuit will also prevent the leash from moving around)

Leash Length: Your leash should be same length as the board. Too short and it pulls back to quickly, too long and you wont be able to get your board back very fast and it has a wider radius of potential damage to other surfers.

Losing your board: If you do bail or fall of your board and your leash is pulled to the limt, watch out for the whiplash…your leash may be heading back in your difection fins first!

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