Back to Basics #04 managing your surfboard in the water

People often ask us about how to manage themselves and their boards in the water when learning to surf. As a newcomer to the sport, there may seem like a lot going on between the wind, swell, your surfboard and others in the line up while you are just trying to get a handle on catching a wave!


Here are our useful tips to managing yourself and your board in the shallows:

Hold the surfboard at your side perpendicular (90°) to the waves with both hands on the board at all times. Hold one hand on either side of the board, roughly around where you would place your front foot feet (around the middle of the board).

As the wave approaches, lift the nose just high enough to pass over the wave and as the wave hits, brace yourself and put the board back down on the surface of the water.

Keep the board under control at all times, for your safety and others, especially when passing over or through waves. (don’t let the board go)

Never turn your back on the ocean, you don’t know when a wave is coming or who is riding towards you! Always turn “beach side” when turning your board. Making sure your surfboard is never between you and the oncoming waves.

If you fall off your board, always get into the surfing brace postion to protect your neck and spine from the board. Put one hand over you head and one hand over your neck when coming back up from under the water. Locate and get board under control as soon as you surface after falling. Be especially careful in strong winds and remember to never surf alone!

We look forward to seeing you in the lineup, managing your board like a pro 😉

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