Surfboard & wetsuit rentals

Rentals are a great option if you are new to the sport, if you want to try different types of surfboards or if you are only in Cape Town for a short time and would like to surf at Muizenberg or any of the other local Cape Town Surf spots. If you have your own board, but it's isn’t ideal for the conditions of the day a rental can ensure you are still able to get into the water and feel the stoke! We offer short-term rentals of 90 mins, with a nominal extension fee for every additional hour if you are having fun and want to stay in the water for a little longer. Going to surf another break , no problem, we also offer daily and weekly rentals. We also have an extensive range of wetsuits available for rentals with discounted pricing if both and board and wetsuit are required. We have a selection of over 250 Surfboards to choose from including shortboards, minimals and longboards. We also have a large range of soft-top surfboards for beginner surfers.

what is the cost?

    We rent out surfboards and wetsuits individually as well as a combination of the two at a discounted price. Enjoy 50% off all your rentals when signing up as a Surf Emporium monthly member.
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