Day one – Travelling Day

Roxy Jam

12 July 2012

12 Oclock

Well i left home on Sunday Morning at 7am and i find myself sitting on the floor at the Paris Orly airport 28 hours later. Etihad airways was surprisingly fantastic,their Coral economy class chairs recline back so far you are literally in the lap of the person behind.Luckily i had no one sitting infront of me but the guy behind me was not too impressed.

No airport trip is without tears and after 24 hours of travelling i arrived at the arrivals terminal only to wait an hour and a half for the gentleman to find my bag which he suggested could be lost! I then proceeded to carry the the coffin across two terminal due to my inability to understand the French that was being spoken to me. When i was told my surfboards could not go in the bus( which i know is possible as i have done it twice before) i started with a hint of watery eyes which soon produced tears tickling down my face and following that sobs and more floods of tears. The three French gentleman proceeded to insist they will get my bag onto the next bus and i “madommoisel” must not cry,please don’t cry. So one more flight until Biarritz and hopefully get some surf!

1 Oclock

In the Air France que to check in.I refused to fly airfrance ever again but they gave me a voucher as part of an apology for the beyond horrible flights last year. After getting to the front of the Que the lady tells me my bag is oversized luggage and it cannot go on the plane as one needs to request special permission and the special permissions people are not in today. Just a reminder why i HATE AIRFRANCE SO MUCH!

so eventually after another set of tears and a hundred euro later my boards arrived in Biarrtiz 3 hours after i landed. Quite incredible how rules change depending on the person behind the counter you get sent to.luck of the draw i guess.

so Finally in Biarritz and the contest begins tomorrow…will update with pics soon!

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