Do you remember your first Glide?

"I can remember my first “Glide” across an unbroken wave. Everything connected as one fluid motion. The timing, jump to my feet and the waves open face running in front of me. It wasn’t a particularly big wave, it didn’t last for very long but the moment I caught it, I belonged to the ocean.

Gliding is the ultimate dance on a wave. It’s a fluid motion of cutting across the waves face with as much control as your skill level allows. Regardless your ability or wave craft of choice we are all experiencing the same amount of “stoke” in the ocean.

There are three main board types that can “glide” across a wave. All boards use the same ocean principles but vary in their board design, length and wave riding styles. In the line up you will find surfboards, Long boards and Stand Up paddleboards (SUP).

Depending on ones disposition you may find yourself leaning towards a certain gliding preference. For those seeking a higher rush of adrenaline they will ride shorter boards. Shorboarder’s ride with speed and power introducing more radical maneuvers performed vertically, horizontally and even airborne!

Longboarding is the relaxed cousin and tends to take the laid back stance. This traditional form of gliding showcases stylish turns. Classic maneuvers such as “toes to the nose” and “soul arches” are a spectacle to watch. For inexperienced gliders longboarding is a great way to enter the sport. The length and stability of a longboard makes your first rides far easier!

The more recent addition to the gliding family are Stand Up Paddle Boarders. SUP riders standing on buoyant boards enjoy many more waves with the advantage of spotting incoming surf early. They use their paddles to catch waves and glide with power.

Having experienced the stoke of gliding on all board types I cannot say which I prefer. I can say, I’m certainly glad I don’t have to choose. For those gliders that have only ever known one ride… you don’t know what you are missing.