Getting into the swing of things

Salamat Pagi, apa Khabar ?

( good morning , how are you )

Earlier Today we came across a man in his late sixties, or should I rather say he came across us.

It Looks like we are being collected at 4pm from our accommodation this afternoon by scooter to assist in building and landscaping advice for the next Losman (local accommodation) that is being built 3kms outside of krui.

Ingrid’s new title is chief designer and co -ordinator , telling them where to place the bedrooms and what materials to build in for optimum accommodation potential for the future.

She is in her element with design being a number one passion ,she cannot believe that they are asking for her design experities and advise. Whether they use it or not is a different story but perhaps on our Return one day we might see it up and running.

We are still waiting to see who out of our team of four goes down with Bali belly first. We have been brave and have eaten at the local restaurants ( not brave enough for the colera carts just yet)

For dinner yesterday I I manage to order 4 vegetarian meals , on with fish, one with egg and all included vegetables.

Last nights study of the Indonesian/English dictionary is starting to pay off.

Market Fish
Local Transport
Dagan enjoying breakfast

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