Group Surf Lessons

Group Surf Lessons

Group Lessons Include: 1½ hours of Surf Coaching, Rental of Surfboards and Wetsuit, Use of our spacious club facilities (separate men’s and ladies change rooms, warm showers and lockers) What to bring: Please bring your swimming costume, towel, sunscreen and dose of enthusiasm!

What you will learn during your first lesson: Click for more info

You will learn:

You will have either your left foot or right foot forward depending on which feels more comfortable. Your dominant foot will be your back foot; this is the leg your leash will be attached to. If you are a beginner you will be using a beginner surfboard: a foam board/minimal/longboard. You will learn how to paddle alternating strokes and cupping your hands. Your coach will ensure you are correctly positioned on your surfboard; do not lie too far forward as you will nose dive (tumble over head first) and not too far back as you will not be able to catch and ride the wave.

When getting to your feet, you will learn to keep your hands close to your body, in line with your chest. This will make your jump up quicker allowing you to get a longer ride. Make sure you bring your front foot up to roughly the middle of the board so your foot is positioned in the center of the board between your shoulders, keeping your hands firmly fixed on the board for stability. Once your front foot is in place you will learn how to raise your body keeping your knees bent. Your front foot should roughly be half way down your board and your back foot should be above the fin area. Keep your knees bent as they act as your shock absorbers.  Make sure your stance is wide enough for extra stability.

  • As with most sports practice makes perfect. You can practice your jump ups in the comfort of your own home. Use a carpet in your lounge or grass area in your garden and practice the motion of jumping to your feet. This will help your body get used to the jump up motion so when you are out in the water and it begins to happen naturally.

Customer Comments

“I have tried all the surf shops on the beach front and these guys are definitely the best! Flexible, friendly and great with the kids...first class!” Charlie H