January Newsletter 2012

Hi All,

Surf with Quiksilver

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for support throughout 2011 and look forward to surfing in 2012.

There are a few exciting things happening in 2012 that we would like to share with you.

2012 LESSONS: We are running the following lesson programmes through Roxy Surf School for girls and Woman and the Surf with Quiksilver Surf School for Boys and Men.

Surf with Quiksilver

  • Friday Boys 3:30pm (Beginner and Intermediate)
  • Saturday Boys 8:30am , 11am , 2pm (Beginner)
  • Saturday Mixed Adults (men and Woman) 11:30am (Beginner and Intermediate)
  • Sunday Mixed Kids 9am (Beginner and Intermediate)
  • Sunday Mixed Adults (men and Woman) 10am (Beginner and Intermediate)
  • Sunday Boys 11am (Beginner)


Roxy Surf Camp

Roxy Surf School

  • Tuesday Surf Divas 9am (Intermediate)
  • Thursday Surf Divas 9am (Intermediate)
  • Saturday Girls 8:30am (Intermediate backline)
  • Saturday Girls 9am (Intermediate Mid Break)
  • Saturday Girls Beginner 9am,930am,10:30am (Beginner)
  • Saturday Surf Divas 10am (Beginner)
  • Sunday Mixed Kids 9am (Beginner and Intermediate)
  • Sunday Girls 9am (Intermediate)
  • Sunday Girls  10:30am (Beginner)


MAKING YOUR OWN GROUP: create your own group of you and four friends and set your own date and time most convenient to your schedule.

LONGBEACH FOR DIVAS: I will be running surf lessons during the weekday mornings for the Surf Divas at Long Beach and Inner Kom.

 LONGBEACH FOR GIRLS AND BOYS: I will also be running Surf lessons for girls and boys during the weekday afternoons and some weekends at Long Beach and Inner Kom for those interested.

CONTEST COACHING: I will also be coaching on contest surfing for those wanting to surf the Grom Trials.


The following Camp Dates are available in 2012:

Running from Cape Town:

Surf with Quiksilver (Boys Camp) Dates: 30thMarch- 1st April

Roxy Surf Camp (Girls Camp) Dates:2nd-4th April

Roxy Surf Camp (Girls Camp) Dates: 23rd-25th June

Surf with Quiksilver (Boys Camp) Dates:7th-9th July

Surf with Quiksilver (Boys Camp) Dates: 29thSeptember – 1st October

Roxy Surf School (Girls Camp) Dates: 5th-7th October

Surf with Quiksilver (Boys Camp) Dates: 8th-10th December

Roxy Surf School (Girls Camp) Dates: 14th-16th December


DIVAS SURF TRIPS: information will be available shortly




The WP Grom Trial dates have been released. If you would like to surf the trials please let me know and I will assist in entering the three trials.

The Grom Trials are a fun, non pressure event that is a great introduction to contest surfing. Those that make the team will represent Western Province at the SA Grom Games in Port Elisabeth.
1st Trial 28/29th January, 2nd Trial 11/12 February, 3rd Trial 25/26 February

Yours in Surfing

Surf with Quiksilver and Roxy Surf School




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