Join the Peninsula Paddle to celebrate World Environment Day

Join the Peninsula Paddle to celebrate World Environment Day

The 2011 Peninsula Paddle is to take place on Sunday, 5th June in celebration of World Environment Day and Stand-Up Paddling South Africa (SUPSA) is getting involved in supporting this event along with several other community, youth and environmental organisations. So, pick up your paddle and join in!!
The mantra for the paddle is ‘Take back the City’s waterways’. It’s a plea for much needed social and environmental intervention. It also recognises that all citizens are connected to the City’s waterways whether living in well serviced suburbs or areas of urban poverty. 

The poor state of the City’s waterways and surroundings is obvious and with waterways knowing no boundaries – what happens on the land is found in our waterways – so you can judge the health of the City by the state of its waterways! The aim of the Peninsula Paddle is to highlight these kinds of issues, and to do as an adventure involving human endeavour.

Social and environmental issues are often a complex, and frankly boring to most people no matter how serious these issues might be. This is one reason why the paddle is a fun event. It’s a human challenge but also an enjoyable one – besides only four people have done it so far! This year the route extends the 2010 paddle with a short foray in the surf zone across Woodstock beach and finally ends in Milnerton lagoon at the lighthouse car park. This should make for a good spectacle from the shore!
Best paddle zones for SUPs
If you are interested in paddling your SUP along the full route please bear the following in mind that some waterways are shallow and craft could be damaged. If you wish to only participate in certain stages of the paddle, the best zones for SUP paddlers are:
 –          Zone 1: Muizenberg Beach to Zandvlei – it will be great to see a flotilla of paddlers here in the morning!!
–          Zone 3: Princess Vlei (where youth activities are planned)
–          Zone 7: Black River to Woodstock Beach (although some portage may be required in muddy terrain)
–          Zone 8 & 9: Woodstock Beach across behind surf zone to Milnerton Lagoon finish under Woodbridge Island bridge.
Detailed information about the 2011 Peninsula Paddle
The route map, indicating zones for different activities and where paddle will have to portage
The route details with scheduled times for departure and arrival per zone, so if you wish to engage with only some parts of the route you will know when to join in:
Q&A to help you to prepare and plan for the paddle:
If you are interested in paddling or supporting the 2011 Peninsula Paddle, email Glen Thompson on:
For more about the event go to:

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