Local Tips on Enjoying Muizenberg Beach by Zaytoon Hanief

There’s not much that can compare to the first time you pick up a surfboard and head out into the great ocean. Regardless of the weather, you’re bound to have sweaty palms and even have your heart racing a bit faster than usual. Luckily, the guys & girls at Surf Emporium are there to guide you through it all and set you on your way to becoming the next Heather Clark, Roxy Davis or new-comer on the block, Brandon Benjamin!

Muizenberg Beach - where surfing dreams become a reality.

It’s no sheer chance that Surf Emporium is situated right on the beachfront of Muizenberg Beach. For decades, this has been the beach that Cape Town surfers have started their careers at. Why’s that, you ask? Well, Muizenberg Beach is a perfect spot for all, from beginners to advanced and everyone else in between. All year round, you’re bound to find good swells with the gentler, more rolling waves out in the front and the more hardcore, ‘come-and-get-me’ swells on the backline too!

One of the great things about Muizenberg is that it’s accessible to all. Whether you’re coming in by train and renting your wetsuit and board from Surf Emporium, or driving in to find (usually) ample parking bays along the beachfront, you’re guaranteed to have a great time enjoying the swells.

#BeSharkSmart and learn the Shark Spotters flag system.

The great thing about Muizenberg Beach is that it has a fail-safe shark-spotting system during daylight hours – all year long! This way, you can enjoy the waves and not have to worry about running into any unexpectant visitors. When arriving at the beach, make sure to check the colour of the flag flying on its pole in visible sight to all and abide by what the colour means (a green flag means you’re all-clear to head out into the waters). Make sure to listen out for any sirens and if you happen to hear it, just head back to the safety of the beach as soon as possible.

And what about my non-surfer friends/family?

Assuming you’ve tried your very best to convince them to give surfing a try (if that didn’t work, ask the guys to Surf Emporium to work their charm there!) and they’re still not keen, you’ve nothing to worry about. Set them up with a Vida E Caffé cuppa of their favourite coffee, chocolate frio and a pastry, and they’ll be more than happy to cheer you on from the side lines! There IS also a large selection of restaurants and take-aways available on the beachfront to choose from.

Cape Town has an array of wonderful beaches at its disposal, and with the strict water restrictions in place at the moment, why not skip the pools and enjoy some fresh sea fun instead? For a list of some of our other great beaches around the city, and some in the coastal city of Durban too, check out this blog article of a local’s guide the best beaches in CT and Durbs.

Author: Zaytoon Hanief
Editor: Zaytoon Hanief
Photography: Zaytoon Hanief