Luggage Phobia

Luggage I have absolutely no idea if I am the only one on this planet that has this phobia, please ladies show me im not alone! I have the type of personality that will book my flight on Friday and fly on Monday, pack a backpack and go easy as that. That said, if i am doing a road trip in my own car i pack the entire contents of my home whether I think it may be necessary or just a good idea at the time. Bizarre yes, but there is some method in my madness. Back to the backpack. I don’t have any problem packing just that single bag, as full as I can possible get it before the zipper bursts open. But when I reach my destination I will not, I mean WILL NOT unpack that bag. I will dig in it twenty times a day if need be but it will always be ready to up and go. Like if the place was burning down I could just run in grab the bag and I will still be able to survive the rest of the trip. Most of the time the contents of the bag is clothing, toiletries and a first aid kit. heavens forbid I run out of swimmers ear drops when someone asks me for some just after my place with the entire contents of my belongings in a foreign country burns down, I mean who needs their passport, what kind of traveller are you when you cant help a guy out with a plaster after an event like that. That is just ‘’bad preparation’’ it’s lame to say, oh sorry I would have a plaster for you but the contents of my bag was lost in a fire. Is it just me? Is it a woman thing? Do I have an unrealistic attachment to my things? Of a control problem perhaps? When asked the question – if your house was on fire and you all you could take is whatever you can carry, I don’t think I have anything in particular I would grab? Perhaps photos and my passport? I barely carry a handbag and most of the time my bank card is just sitting in the pants pocket of the jeans I wore the day before. Perhaps now is the time to rethink my priorities. Does this mean starting to pack and plan an emergency exit backpack that would contain all valuables I would need in the house? Come to think of it, my spare keys, medication, photos and perhaps laptop could go in that back pack. I suppose I could put myself to the test and reduce the amount of ‘’incase of an emergency escape’’ items down to a small moon bag that I would be simply too embarrassed to wear.

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