Only a Surfer Knows the Feeling

"Lets face it, we don’t get out of bed without incentive and the end game being reward. The research tells us our main motivations for attending work are affirmation, good working relationships and remuneration.

But what is it about surfing that makes you keep going back?

There was a famous quote in the 80's that said ""Only a Surfer Knows the Feeling"" which has great truth as you will never fully understand the feeling until you try it for yourself. If you have yet to take the plunge here is what you are missing!

For me, it’s the freedom that each wave presents, the opportunity, the choice. It's my quiet place. I wondered if others were drawn by the same reward so I posted the question. Within minutes my inbox was full.

Here here a few golden threads that weave the experience together.

-Surfing's Incredible Health Benefits: “It makes me feel 10 years younger”...""It’s my soul food”...""Surfing is my best therapy for healing.""

-Surfing as A Time Out or a New Challenge: ""Out there I can live in the moment”...""At my age it has given me a whole new challenge in life, I needed to be challenged. It is also great exercise, I'm using muscles I never knew I had.""

So why not just add a little salt water, an incredible sunrise, throw in some endorphins and maybe a dolphin or two...who knows it may change your life forever!

And for those that do surf, it is always good to check in every once in a my question to you remains...what keeps you coming back?