Roxy Towill is turning the pedals for a good cause!

Event:     Roxy Cycles the Argus – Argus Cycle Tour 2010
Who:      Roxy Towill
When:     Sunday 14th March 2010
Where:   Cape Peninsula 109 kms

Why:       Many regular visitors to Muizenberg may have seen the friendly faces of a certain group of teenagers playing on the beach or charging the lineup.  These ambitious, enthusiastic, friendly, and respectful teenagers are Roger, Papi, Elroy, Benjamin and Dylan. 

What many people may not know about them is that they have grown up in immensely challenging circumstances within extremely under-resourced communities that offer very few opportunities in life.  These teenagers are faced daily with major financial challenges of feeding and educating themselves.  A combination of their courageous spirit and the generous support of many benefactors have assisted them in managing to succeed against all odds. 

 Currently we provide this group of deserving teenagers with food, school fees and transport to and from school on a daily basis.  I do sincerely believe that these teenagers can achieve even more in life with continued guidance, mentorship and financial support.  When the boys are not at school they are at the beach, surfing or teaching surfing lessons to raise money to assist their families.  They have all made the positive choice to live a drug free life, away from the negative influences of gangsterism. 

Sport, and in particular surfing has played a vital role in assisting them face the many ‘real-life challenges’ of today’s highly pressurised society.  Through creating a reinforcing enough environment, these teenagers are encouraged to be limitless in their thinking, try new things and discover new talents, leading to increased self-worth.

My goal: 2010 will be the first year I am riding the Argus cycle tour and I would like to dedicate my 101kms to these teens, who have shown what determination and a positive mindset can achieve.  My aim is to raise R5000 to contribute to the continuous support of Roger, Papi, Elroy, Benjamin and Dylan and assisting them in becoming the next generation of healthy, innovative, values-based and responsible young community leaders ensuring a sustainable future for South Africa.

CALL TO ACTION: I would like to encourage you to support this cause by making a financial contribution to assist me in reaching my goal of raising R5000 for these young people.  Donations can be deposited into the following bank account:

Bank:                   Nedbank

Account name:     Roxy Towill

Account type:       Savings Account

Account number: 2250014485

Branch Code:      125009

Branch:                Noordhoek


Please note the following details regarding donations:

  • Please reference payments with your full name 
  • Please email your contact details (including your mobile number) to:
  • A letter confirming receipt of donation will be emailed to you 






Name:                                 ROGER Vuuanza

Birth Date:                              19/12/1992

Age:                               17

School: Heathfield High

Subjects at School:  Physics, Biology, Engineering Graphics, Mathematics, Afrikaans and Life Orientation

Hobbies:  Surfing, Swimming, Reading, Playing Soccer and Skating

Surfing achievements: Western Province Colours (2006), Western Province Longboard Colours (2009), SA Longboard Champs – 5th Place (2009), Billabong Junior Series Cape Town – 3rd Round (2008), Grommet Games – 3rd place (2008)

How has Surfing changed your life? Surfing has changed my life positively. I have become a better person because of surfing, before I was nothing and I didn’t have a dream or future plans for my life. Now my life has changed!

Why do you love Surfing?Surfing is a fun sport. I love meeting new people and competing. I love waves because it proves how much God loves us by giving us waves.

Favourite place to Surf?Longbeach, Kalk Bay, Muizenberg, Durban and J-Bay

Future plans (what do you want to do after school?):I want to become a Pilot or a Mechanical Engineer


Name:                            BENJAMIN De Castro

Birth Date:                              22/01/1995

Age:                               15

School: Heathfield High

Subjects at School: English, EMS, Natural Sciences,  History, Maths, Technology, Afrikaans 

Hobbies: Surfing, Running, Soccer and Sleeping

Surfing achievements:   Western Province Colours (2007), Western Province Longboard Colours (2008,2009), Reunion Challenge – 2nd Place (2009), Billabong Junior Series – Semi Finalist, Western Province Champs – 4th place (2009)

 How has Surfing changed your life?If it wasn’t for surfing I would probably be smoking and I’d be involved in bad things

Why you love Surfing?I love surfing because it keeps me away from bad things

Favourite place to Surf? Durban, J-Bay, P.E., Kalk Bay and Vic Bay

Future plans (what do you want to do after school?):I would like to become a Climatologist or a Pro Surfer


DillonName:                            DILLON Fernandez

Birth Date:                              30/01/1997

Age:                               13

School: St James R.C Primary

Subjects at School:EMS, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Afrikaans, English and Technology

Hobbies:  Surfing, Cricket and Soccer

Surfing achievements: Grommet Games – 5th Place, Western Province Longboarding Champs – 3rd Place, Western Province Shortboard Champs – 2nd Place, Western Province Champs Open division – 17th Overall

How has Surfing changed your life?It has kept me away from bad things

Why do you love Surfing?Because I’m good at it. I also like meeting  people that are good at surfing

Favourite place to Surf?Muizenberg, Longbeach and Kalk Bay

Future plans (what do you want to do after school?):I would like to become a business man because I like counting money.

  • Elroy
  • Name:                            ELROY Thomas

Birth Date:                              30/07/1992

Age:                               17

School:                          Simon’s Town High

Subjects at School:  Mathematics, English, Afrikaans, EMS, Technology, Natural Sciences, Arts and Culture, History and Life Orientation

Hobbies:  Surfing, Soccer, Cricket, Running and Rugby

Surfing achievements:   Grommet Games – 2nd Place (2007), Western Province Longboarding Champs – 4th Place, Western Province Longboard Colours

How has Surfing changed your life?Surfing has changed my life in a positive way.

Why do you love Surfing?I love surfing because I Like travelling, meeting new people and it keeps me out of trouble.

Favourite place to Surf?Muizenberg, Longbeach, Melkbos, Strand, P.E and Durban

Future plans (what do you want to do after school?):I would like to become an Engineer because it can give me a great opportunity to have an awesome life.



Name:                            PAPI Makhanyane

Birth Date:                              20/03/1993

Age:                               16

School:                          Heathfield High

Subjects at School:   Geography, Accounting, Mathematics, English, Economics, Afrikaans and Life Orientation

Hobbies: Skateboarding, Surfing and Running

Surfing achievements:   S.A Grommet Champion (2006), 3 Time Western Province Longboard Champion (06, 07,08), Western Province Colours (Longboard and Shortboard), Kommunity Project, Quiksilver Pro – 2nd Place (2009), SA Champs Shortboard – Equal 10th (2009), SA Champs Longboard – 4th Place (2006)

How has Surfing changed your life?I love surfing because its fun and I love the vibe in the water, as well as the vibe that surfers themselves give out.

Why do you love Surfing?Surfing helps me to relax, meet new good people and it gives me the opportunity to see new places. It also keeps me healthy and strong.

Favourite place to Surf?Muizenberg, Kalk Bay, Longbeach

Future plans (what do you want to do after school?):I want to become a Climatologist to study the weather

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