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ZigZag March 2018. Issue 42.2. Zigzag is one of South Africa’s oldest niche titles, and the fifth longest running surf magazine in the world. For more than three decades, they’ve been delivering surf journalism of the highest quality, stunning surf imagery and world class magazine production values.



The holiday season has come and gone, Decembeer has hopefully been worked off and the budget constraints of  60 days of January have been eased by payday. But enough about the past let’s look at the present and for those who haven’t bought the mag yet – the future. If however, you are still down on your luck this February and are staring down the barrel of another lonely Valentines Day, never fear the Zag has the perfect substitute to keep those page-turning hands occupied. 

Issue 41.2, not tryna float our own board here, but its a screamer. Check out these little hits of digital print delights: 

Out There:

More than 150 km offshore lies the ultimate big wave spot. Twiggy recounts his recent mission to Cortes bank.

Happy Accidents:

Development is often seen as the biggest threat to the worlds surf spots, but a quick hand count suggests human meddling has created more waves than it has destroyed 


Summer has come and gone, but these fine photos from the past season will live long in the memory.

Almost Famous:

We get inside the head-space of Michael February, as he prepares for the big stage after a successful 2017 season. 

A Revolution is Not a Dinner Party:

Is South African big wave surfing the gifted underachiever of our surfing paradigm? Craig Jarvis investigates.


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