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4 Month Learn to Surf Programme


The Roxy Learn2Surf programme has been designed by internationally qualified ISA surf coach and 9 x South African champion Roxy Davis. This ever successful programme offers structured weekly lessons helping you learn to surf or improve your current surfing level!

Sign up for the full 4 month programme and get:
– 16 professionally coached surf lessons;
– A R200 discount;
– All equipment & full use of surf school facilities
– A participation certificate upon completion
*T&Cs apply

Terms and conditions: If you are a beginner and would like to join after the programme has already commenced, then a private surf lesson is required before you can join in the group for all health & safety reasons. The programme will still cost R630 per month thereafter. Should you wish to join a single lesson at any point, there is a R300 join-in fee that applies* (*provided you have had a private lesson beforehand).

You can sign up for a one month programme at R630 here: https://surfemporium.co.za/shop/lessons-rentals/surf-lesson/1-month-learn-surf-programme/


LESSON 1 ABC’s and correct handling of the equipment in and out the water
LESSON 2 How to push through waves when paddling out/walk in and turn technique
LESSON 3 Quicker jump ups
LESSON 4 Wax your board technique
LESSON 5 Parts of your surfboard and what they are used for
LESSON 6 Photo session ( pics to be put up on the website)
LESSON 7 Surf Etiquette, dropping in,right of way etc
LESSON 8 Surf Lingo
LESSON 9 Foamies Vs Face waves
LESSON 10 Riding sideways
LESSON 11 Riding with control
LESSON 12 Weight distribution acceleration and deceleration
LESSON 13 Photo session ( pics to be put up on the website)
LESSON 14 Turtle turning to get through waves
LESSON 15 Surfing the back line
LESSON 16 Turning your surfboard – manoeuvres


LESSON 1: Surf etiquette
LESSON 2: Choosing the correct waves – what to look for, which direction to go and timing take off
LESSON 3: Riding with control – improved take offs – taking off quickly and paddling with the break
LESSON 4: Duck diving/getting through waves better
LESSON 5: Riding left on left-hand face waves
LESSON 6: Photo session
LESSON 7: Riding right on right-hand face waves
LESSON 8: Riding top to bottom
LESSON 9: Changing direction
LESSON 10: Kicking out safely
LESSON 11: Acceleration – weight on front foot and weaving
LESSON 12: Deceleration – weight on tail
LESSON 13: Photo session
LESSON 14: Know your equipment
LESSON 15: The basics of competitive surfing
LESSON 16: Competition


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