Surf Emporium #SoftServe Selfie Competition


If you could taste Summer, what would it taste like? At Surf Emporium Muizenberg, we have captured the taste of Summer with our BRAND NEW soft-serve ice-cream machine! We have vanilla, chocolate & mixed soft-serve to choose from and 

Soft-serve, as the name indicates, has a softer texture than traditional ice cream or gelato. That's in part because it has less fat and more air. In addition to the fact that soft-serve is just plain fun to eat, it is also the perfect refreshing treat for a hot Summer's day in Muizenberg. 

"If you were ice-cream, you'd be my favourite colour!"

Win ONE free soft serve ice-cream EVERY DAY for the month of February 2018. Choose from vanilla, chocolate or mixed in a sugar-cone or ice-cream cup! 

T&Cs Apply. Offer does not extend to chocolate flakes or any other additional toppings. 

Snap a selfie with your Surf Emporium soft serve ice-cream cone or cup. Get one of these in-store for only R20! Choose from a delicious sugar-cone or cup and vanilla, chocolate or mixed flavour!

Upload it to social media, using #SoftServeSelfie and #SurfEmporium (be sure to also tag Surf Emporium Muizenberg). You can upload it onto Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 

Keep an eye out to see if you are a winner. The winner will be announced on social media on 31 January 2018. 

T&Cs apply. For any questions, please contact 021 788 8687 or email