The divalife dream

About a month ago,after returning from an interesting week away, i unpacked my faithful backpack, tipping out the washing onto the undesignated pile the floor had available i realised it was time to get a reality check. I am reluctant to say grow up as i did that far too soon in life and ambition took me to places i could have only dreamed about.

The first Friday came and i found myself staying in that eve, browsing the web with the general idea of 10 things to do before i die. Once i realised that travel was part of my things to do the list suddenly grew to 100 and shortly after that 1000 thing to do and places.

Omitting the before i die part as it may seem to damper the spirits involving death in your headline of a single woman’s journey to explore the exciting and unknown! subsequently i googled a couple of the most extreme things i could think about which led me to realise so many woman are on the same journey and just don’t realise it just yet, or haven’t put a label of sorts on the idea. Why not, it gives purpose when sometimes that seems to be lacking in our lives.

I’m not saying the 1000 things are all extreme, they can be simple tasks such as potting some seedlings and watching them grow into the most beautiful herb gardens with your help and God’s unfathomable miracles of life. To signing up for sea Shepard’s and hopping aboard a boat for a month or volunteer at a surf aid camp to small villages struggling with basic health issues or destroyed by major earthquakes.

That Friday night as i was up till 430am, mind rushing with the realisation of life’s opportunities i decided to get some rest before work which begins at 7am on a Saturday morning. With a few hours sleep , it came to me in a dream. I believe these things happen for a reason, be it the subconscious mind working through your thoughts that day or God sending you a ‘’hello there’’ message straight to your mind, I awoke with a sudden realisation ( at 630am so suspect it was the sleep deprivation kicking in)

This is following with my passions in life. You will soon find out about the adventure stories that call themselves my life and one day i keep threatening to turn it into a book. But for now i know i am passionate about giving back to woman. In my surfing career, being a female surfer in a male dominated environment taught me so much about standing ones ground, business acumen, advancing your studies, fighting for what you believe in as well as the pay it forward theory. Not everything lasts , this too shall pass,by creating an online community for woman i want to share everything that i have learnt and been blessed with being a woman in this world, the many mentors i have been so fortunate to have, both men and woman have given me such insight beyond my years and for that i am most grateful.

So as part of my giving back i am starting this new dream , ,please feel welcome to join me in continuing the giving back to life. For this too shall pass and hopefully we can pass on all the blessings we have received to future generations of woman to come, our children, grandchildren and those that are still just a pipe dream of couples around the world celebrating life ,creation and beauty.

I live my life daily with faith , hope and love. Welcome to divalife.

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    Karen Kilpatrick - 07/10/2009

    I love it so far… now lets have the rest of the story and more pics!

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