The KakGat Classic – Jongensfontein roadtrip

Brooke riding the beach break The weekend that turned out to be a huge success with many attempts to create a name other than “Kakgat” that would be suitable for KFM radio. The lame “KG Classic” raised its head a number of times, but just didn’t ring nicely off the tongue, an impressive “Bakgat Classic” even managed to raise a comment from Bobby Skinstad, but finally in true Souf Afreken spirit the tribal name of “Shithole Classic” put all other vain attempts to rest. A second and equally as enjoyable event dove-tailed nicely into the surf contest, I am talking of the “Bing ROC” wine extravaganza, which seemed to carry on the same duration as the more energetic surf comp, the mind wonders if there are any grapes left on the vineyards of the Vredendal winelands. Extreme enthusiasm was shown on all quarters. To our intrepid trio of travellers from KZN, Brad, Brad and Scott, this bound to be the most memorable weekend of the year. Tricks got to find out why the locals ALWAYS surf the point, wearing booties. His cool walk after his first surf quickly got the nickname “the Urchin Shuffle”. One hour later around the fire, needle in hand , the score was “Brad Tricket One – Sea Urchins 10”.

first round heats With four foot waves in mild winds, the ocean spewed out contestable waves that had the contestants producing some world class surfing, so much so a couple of whales moved in to take a closer look. Lying 50m off the point like a couple of flatulent islands, with a cranking left break a hundred meters to the left, there can’t be many places in this world that can offer up this type of experience. diva finalists

It was also a pleasure to welcome Roxy’s surnameless Divas for their very first contest, and also first time surfing something other than the Mighty Muizemberg. Ladies you definitely brought some class to the proceedings as well as showing us in your final that Kakgat point also holds a left break. Well done to surfing a difficult break, with flair, attitude and a touch of champagne.

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