Welcome to our new website

Riding At MuizenbergWelcome to the Surf Emporium, everything surfing under one roof! We have an exciting year in store for you.
We have a learn to surf programme running February – May for girls, boys, Divas and men!

Don’t forget the 12 insane surf trips we have planned for the 2011 year.

We are excited about the year ahead. Keep an eye on our surf classifieds launching on the site, a platform to buy and sell surfing equipment 24/7 !

January has been an awesome month with the Gap Year South Africa guys coming to hit the Muizenberg beaches and make a difference within the local under resoursed communities.

The ABC adventure group camp ladies decided to take their fitness levels to the next level with signing up to an action packed surfing sunday at Roxy!

And we cannot forget the awesome group of 65 kids from Cedar house who signed up for Friday surfing as a school group!

Looking forward to an insane winter of epic waves at Muizenberg.

Chat soon,

2 thoughts on “Welcome to our new website

  1. Benni G - 23/02/2011

    Looks like fun:)

  2. Cheryl de Wet - 11/03/2011

    Would like to be advised on special offers on wet suits as well as surf boards.

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