Whats your number?

I’m always fascinated at how on a mid week morning you will battle to find parking at your local beach and the line up is almost as crowded as on the weekend. One always expects it to be crowded at any given afternoon regardless of the conditions as school gets out and the groms are all over it just after lunch.

Where do these people come from in the mornings, don’t they have jobs? I’m sure they are all looking around thinking the same thing. Sure you do get your weekend warriors that simply can’t get to the beach during the week however when the surf is ON mid week the office is empty.

I remember a friend sharing with me her very awkward moment of how she told her boss she needed to go home early as she was feeling unwell, only to get found out when ending up riding the same wave alongside her boss that afternoon! Whether we have 20 minutes to squeeze in a surf at lunch break, an hour or a whole day most of us are just hoping to get a couple of good rides to ourselves.

Chatting to a number of friends recently it turns out most of us have an "ideal" number of waves that one is satisfied with and happy to get out of the water regardless of the time you have available.

For some it's about quantity…

  • "As many as I can get with out being "that guy" in the water"
  • "Unlimited  waves or untill my body just cant anymore"
  • “If I can count how many waves I have caught then it's not enough.”
  • "One hour, at least 15 waves"

For others its about quality…

  • "I Never get out of the water until I have had at least ONE good wave…I’m usually happy with 6-8 waves”
  • “One perfect one is enough to make a surf epic"
  • "I'm happy with about 5 good ones and then as many average waves as I can get"

Personally my happy number of waves is ten regardless of the time I have to surf, as long as there are one or two awesome waves in there! What’s your number?

Dust off the longboard this weekend for small 1-2ft waves on both coastlines. It will be fantastic conditions for a day at the beachwith little to no wind!