Meet The Founder

Roxy founded her Surf School in 2002 with an umbrella on Muizenberg beach and a clear vision of where she wanted to go with the concept. Her dreams became a reality far sooner than she had anticipated. Growing from a dream of teaching forty girls a week quickly turned into 200 girls within the first Programme intake. The umbrella soon gave way for a share of half a hardware store for storage, and later into opening her own Surf School facility, which she aptly named the Roxy Surf Club.

Roxy Davis


Today Roxy is a professional surfer. She is nine times South African Surfing Champion and has won numerous awards including the Western Province Surfer of the year and Surfer of the South African Surfing Championships. Roxy has had the honour of captaining and coaching numerous Western Province Surfing Teams to victory at South African Championships.

In 2017 Roxy made Surfing history in South Africa with her selection as Captain of the South African Longboard Surfing Team, becoming the first individual to represent South Africa as a Shortboard Surfer, Stand Up Paddle-board Surfer, Longboard Surfer, National Surf Coach and National Surfing Manager. 


Roxy Davis Foundation

Our foundation is passionate about making the ocean accessible to All South Africans. For those that can afford it and for those that cant. Those that are able bodied and those that have a physical or intellectual disability.

For those that are suffering or being challenged with mental health problems, cancer, terminal illness, PTSD, Depression, eating disorders, anxiety disorders. Everyone is welcome. That is my dream and that is the foundations vision. SURFING CHANGED MY LIFE, IT WAS AND STILL IS MY THERAPY. MY MEDICINE. I want to be able to share it with other South Africans.