Adaptive Surfing

Surf Emporium Muizenberg is the only officially SSA accredited Adaptive Surf School in South Africa. Join us for an Adaptive Surf Lesson, become a volunteer or book a customized Adaptive Surfing Event to create awareness & give back to Adaptive Surfing in South Africa! In October 2018, we hosted a Surf Lesson & Adaptive Surf Morning Experience for the Media Community. See event round-up below.

Surf Emporium adaptive clinics

An Adaptive Surfer is a surfer with a disability, including but not limited to, paralyses, cerebral palsy, blindness, amputations etc. These are just some of the many physical challenges that they overcome to share the stoke of simply catching waves (and invariably trying to ride them better). Adaptive Surfing, as a sport, has been rapidly growing & we are dedicated to assisting with this growth both locally and nationally. Adaptive Surfing aims to show people living with disabilities that surfing is a possibility and to make it a possibility.

  • AS-1: Surfers who ride in a standing or kneeling position
  • AS-2: Surfers who ride in a standing or kneeling position
  • AS-3: Surfers who ride in a seated position
  • AS-4: Surfers who ride in a prone position
  • AS-5: Surfers who ride in a non-standing position and need assistance to paddle into waves
  • AS-VI: Surfers who have a visual impairment
  • *Adaptive Surfers with mental disabilities
  • Veterans use surf therapy to recover from post-traumatic stress. See full article here:
  • Adaptive surfing further allows adaptive athletes to compete against and alongside abled bodied athletes, as it should be
  • Adaptive surfing will now be part of the Olympics and Paralympics Games
  • Adaptive Surfing was introduced to the disabled community of South Africa for the first time in 2011

Get involved in adaptive surfing

You can get involved in Adaptive Surfing in many ways namely by registering as an Adaptive Surfer (if you are disabled), becoming an Adaptive Surfing volunteer to assist in Adaptive Surfing Clinics and/or by booking an Adaptive Surfing Team-Building where you can have fun and give back!. 


We are trying to expand the pool of adaptive surfers and would like to invite any persons with disabilities to inquire about adaptive surf lessons! We have private lessons, surf clinics, development days, family days & more - a little something for everyone!

A first time adaptive surfer requires a minimum of 2 professionally qualified adaptive surf coaches, 4 volunteers (depending on disability) & possibly assistance in getting on/taking off a wetsuit as well as getting to & from the beach and into/out of the water. Many hands make light work!

We have many different packages available to incorporate Adaptive Surfing into any end of year and/or team-building function. This is also an opportunity to not only have fun but also give back to an incredible cause & play a crucial role in making someone's dreams come true!

Adaptive Surfing Cape Town is committed to offering multiple Adaptive Surf Clinics throughout the year. These clinics are a fantastic way to introduce newcomers to the sport of Adaptive Surfing, offer regular Adaptive Surfers an opportunity to improve their skills as well as offer a free surf lesson for Adaptive Surfers that would like to participate.

There are various ways you can donate to Adaptive Surfing. You can purchase specialized Adaptive Surfing equipment, donate funds towards specific needs (such as qualifying an Adaptive Surf Coach, purchasing a life jacket, wetsuits, surfboards & more), sponsor transport for Adaptive Surfers or an entire Adaptive Surf Clinic to name just a few!

Click here to view and/or download a comprehensive Surf Emporium Adaptive Surfing Media Pack which includes:

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  • Adaptive Surfer Profiles
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