UCT Surf Club

Join the UCT Surf club and join in on Fun days and Surf clinics. Our fun days are action-packed where you can learn to surf or improve your surfing skills under the guidance of our accredited Surf coaches or get involved with community upliftment programmes at our surf clinics.   

UCT Surf Club is a social and sports club at the University of Cape Town that forms a platform to unite all UCT ocean lovers in the act of wave riding.

They offer many exciting opportunities for all their members which include:

  • Competitive surfing;
  • Adaptive surfing (surfing for people with disabilities);
  • Social surfing;
  • Learn 2 Surf weekly surf lesson programme (Surf Emporium programme);
  • Outreach;
  • Media
  • And more! 

As a member of the UCT Surf Club, you will receive a Surf Emporium UCT Surf Club membership card available at the UCT sports centre. This card will enable you:

  • UCT Fun-Days 
  • UCT Surf Clinic Days 
  • UCT discounts on equipment rentals
  • UCT discounted Vida e Caffe Muizenberg combos
  • UCT Learn 2 Surf Programme 
  • 10% OFF Roxy & Quiksilver clothing in-store
  • 5% OFF surfboards & wetsuits in-store
  • Full use of the Surf Emporium facilities including separate male & female change-rooms, lockers & warm showers

UCT Fun Days
100% funded by the University. UCT will pay for all equipment rentals & surf coaches, and Surf Club students will get a FREE surf lesson!

Confirmed UCT Fun Day Dates:
Saturday, 23 February 2019
Saturday, 18 May 2019
Saturday, 20 July 2019

Sunday, 21 July 2019 - Be an adaptive Volunteer

UCT Surf Clinics
Coaches are provided by the University and students will need to rent their equipment to join the lesson at the discounted rental price of only R95 for a surfboard & wetsuit!

Confirmed UCT Surf Clinic Dates: TBC

UCT Fun Surf Day and Adaptive clinics

Your Surf Emporium membership card & UCT student card to be presented to redeem any of the above benefits. 


The UCT Fun Surf Day and Adaptive Clinic information. 

Date: FUN DAY: Date TBC and Adaptive Surf Clinic (be a volunteer, teaching people with disabilities how to surf): Date TBC 
Time: 11am Arrival for an 11:30am Lesson Start.
Location: Surf Emporium Muizenberg. 66 Beach Road Muizenberg.
What to Bring: Costume, Towel, Sunblock, Padlock.

Dont forget about the UCT COMBO SPECIAL. For only R45 you get a Toasted Quattro Cheese or Bacon/Egg/Cheese Sandwich and Solo Cappachino/Hot Chocolate. On presentation of your UCT Surf Club Card.

New and exciting additions

We have more to offer and more ways to Share the Stoke!  


We have a GREAT Monthly Learn 2 Surf Programme available for UCT students who would like to learn how to surf or improve their surfing skills! This is a hugely discounted programme and at only R495 per month, it includes lessons at 10:30am every Saturday morning for the month.

  • 4 x 1.5 hour surf lessons
  • Professional coaching
  • 1:5 coach to participant ratio
  • All equipment including surfboard, wetsuit & rash-vest
  • A structured lesson programme 
  • Beginner, mid-break intermediate & intermediate programmes available

Surf Emporium Muizenberg is the only officially SSA accredited Adaptive Surf School in South Africa. An Adaptive Surfer is a surfer with a disability, including but not limited to, paralyses, cerebral palsy, blindness, amputations etc. Adaptive Surfing, Surf Emporium as well as the UCT Surf Club aims to show people living with disabilities that surfing is a possibility and to make it a possibility.

The UCT Surf Club Transformation is dedicated to hosting any UCT students with disabilities for a surf lesson at one of the Surf Emporium Adaptive Surf Clinics and encouraging all UCT Surf Club members to become a volunteer and make someone's dream come true!

Please remember to bring along the following to each session:

  • Swimming costume
  • Beach towel
  • Sunblock
  • Padlock for locker
  • Drinking water 
  • A completed indemnity from
  • *Wetsuit & surfboard if you would like to use your own equipment

NO INDEMNITY FORM = NO SURFING! You can now conveniently complete the indemnity form via your PC/Laptop/Tablet or Phone. Simply click here or visit: www.surfemporium.co.za/indemnity 

Terms and Conditions

In consideration of your acceptance of my application, I hereby indemnify, absolve, exempt and release Muizenberg Surf Shop, Roxy’s, Surf Emporium, Roxy Surf School, Roxy Learn 2 Surf, Surf With Quiksilver and all their members, all employees, all contractors, all consultants, all sponsors, brand partners and their members and agents or any school (here after in these terms and conditions below the company will be referred to as Surf Emporium) against and from liability for injuries, damages, loss or death arising from or in connection with my participation in, use of any equipment, travelling to or from, or presence at Surf Emporium. I waive any and all claims whatsoever which I may have arising there from or in connection therewith.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood this indemnity and that I have entered into this indemnity freely, voluntarily and of my own volition. I furthermore acknowledge that all information contained in this indemnity is both true and correct.

  1. I am over 18 years old and possess full legal capacity to sign this indemnity; or I am not yet 18 years old and as such I have not reached the age of majority. In light thereof, I am assisted by one of my parents / legal guardian who has signed this indemnity on my behalf, therefore providing me with the necessary consent to partake in the various activities, as specified hereinabove. Moreover, my parent / legal guardian confirms the accuracy of this form and considers it to be binding on themselves. This indemnity applies also in respect of any injury to such minor children.
  2. I hereby confirm that I am not suffering from any disease and/ or temporary/ permanent physical impairment or any mental disease that may have an effect on my ability to participate safely in the activities mentioned hereinabove. If in the event I do have a disease and/ or temporary/ permanent physical impairment or any mental disease I will disclose this information Surf Emporium.
  3. I hereby undertake not to consume any alcohol and/ or harmful substances prior to and/ or during the activities, as specified hereinabove.
  4. I am aware that the activities specified hereinabove may be both dangerous and hazardous, and that by participating in the said activities, it may result in serious injury or death. I further acknowledge that whilst Surf Emporium takes every precaution to ensure the reasonable safety of its participants, I must exercise reasonable caution when I participate in any of the activities specified hereinabove. I furthermore acknowledge that I have made adequate enquiries and I am satisfied with the arrangements, safety precautions and facilities that are available vis-à-vis the activities specified hereinabove.
  5. I hereby acknowledge that Surf Emporium, their instructors and their crew are exempt from accepting any liability and/ or responsibility for any injury and/ or damage caused whatsoever and/ or loss and/ or death arising from any negligence or any other cause suffered by myself, arising out of my participation in any of the activities specified hereinabove.
  6. I hereby absolve, indemnify and hold harmless, Surf Emporium, from any and all liability and/ or damages and/ or death arising out of any incident and/ or accident which may take place whilst I am participating in any of the activities specified hereinabove.
  7. I hereby authorize and give full permission to Surf Emporium, their sponsors and brand partners to utilize and make use of any photographs, moving pictures, visuals and/ or internet imagery captured of me whilst partaking in any event and/ or surfing lesson, and I furthermore acknowledge that I shall not be entitled to receive any payment and or remuneration thereof.
  8. I agree to receive newsletters and/ or promotional materials from Surf Emporium.
  9. I hereby acknowledge that I will be held liable for any damage to or loss of any equipment, stand- up paddleboards, paddles, surfboards, and/ or wetsuits whilst in my possession and/ or use. In light thereof, I acknowledge further that I will be held liable for the repair or replacement of said damaged or lost equipment as stated above and will moreover compensate Surf Emporium for such damage and/ or loss of equipment according to the repair, damage and theft policy schedule.
  10. I acknowledge that all floors in the surf school are slippery when wet, and therefore I hereby absolve, indemnify and hold harmless Surf Emporium from any and all liability and/ or damages and/ or loss arising out of any accident or incident arising out of the wet floors.
  11. I hereby acknowledge that Surf Emporium expressly reserves their right of admission.
  12. I hereby acknowledge that if I do not complete this form, I will not be allowed to attend any surf lessons and or partake in any other activity with Surf Emporium.
  13. I undertake to pay all fees due, owing and payable to Surf Emporium, in advance and without deduction or set-off. In addition to the afore going, I acknowledge that any fees paid to Surf Emporium are not refundable for any reason whatsoever.
  14. I agree to abide by all rules and the code of conduct of Surf Emporium, and accept that in the event that I break any of the afore mentioned rules and/ or provisions of the code of conduct or disrupt the lessons or event, I will be immediately disqualified and dismissed from Surf Emporium without any refund of monies previously paid.
  15. I acknowledge that on occasion, surf lessons or rentals may be affected by the shark spotters displaying the white flag, indicating the possibility of marine life activity inshore or the presence of a shark in the in the vicinity of Surfers Corner, Muizenberg Beach. I acknowledge that Surf Emporium endeavor to do their best to be flexible where possible however water access is beyond their control and in the best interest of safety for water users, I agree to adhere to the Shark Spotter and Surf Emporiums recommendation regarding water access.
  16. I acknowledge that if a surf lesson or surf equipment rental has commenced and a duration of 15 minutes or more has passed, Surf Emporium reserves the right not to process a refund or reschedule the lesson.
  1. I agreed to adhere to the shark spotters recommendations and will not enter the surf zone when the white shark flag is flying.
  2. I agree to ensure my valuables are locked away in the provided lockers and I understand I must bring a lock to secure my locker.
  3. This indemnity is the entire agreement between Surf Emporium, and I concerning the subject matter hereof, and no alteration to the terms or any subsequent agreement shall be of any force and effect unless reduced to writing and signed by both parties.