Roxy Davis Foundation Donation

The 2020 Project

Join the Roxy Davis Foundation and help us reach our goal of introducing 20 new participants to each Surf Therapy Programme Clinic next year and to host 20 Surf Therapy Clinics in 2020. This means we will be hosting 400 individual surf therapy sessions in 2020.

Vision: The Foundation aims to affect meaningful evidence-based change in peoples lives by improving their mental and physical well-being through ocean based therapy programmes.

Mission: The Foundation sustainably focuses on understanding, broadening, connecting, educating and sharing evidence-based best practice principals through delivering ongoing life changing ocean based experiences with the intended outcome of enhancing both peoples physical and mental well-being.

Research conducted through 20 Surf Therapy programmes over 6 continents showed evidence that regardless of the population participating every participant experienced the same benefits. Immediate Outcomes Improved sense of accomplishment, confidence and happiness Near Term Outcomes (after three sessions) Increased feeling of belonging, improved concentration , coping skills , future orientation , physical health, resilience, reduced isolation and increased self-worth awareness.

These Surf Therapy Clinics are free and available to all South Africans that have a physical disability, intellectual disability or have mental health challenges.

For more information on the Roxy Davis Foundation please visit our website

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