If the pictures aren’t enough of an answer, here is what Surf Emporium founder Roxy Davis has to say about the Surf Emporium Media Adaptive Day.

People have asked us, “Why do we do this?” If the pictures aren’t enough of an answer, here is what Surf Emporium founder Roxy Davis has to say about the Surf Emporium Media Adaptive Day that took place this weekend. 

"Surfing changed my life. If I can use my passion and business as the platform to affect change in others lives it’s my responsibility to do so. It’s a great privilege and honor to share surfing and its physical and mental benefits with others particularly those that may not have the opportunity or means.

I learnt a very valuable lesson from a friend of mine, to become a connector of people. And this is how the Surf Emporium Media Adaptive Day came together. It doesn’t cost much, it took a few phone-calls and emails, some follow-ups but most importantly, a very dedicated team led by our internal Events Coordinator. I am so grateful to have a team that were able to bring so many people together to experience the stoke of surfing!"

The main goal was to create awareness for and about Adaptive Surfing in South Africa. Surfers with disabilities have the opportunity to surf but for us to do this we need to:

  1. Let them know it’s possible
  2. Grow the volunteer pool to help us
  3. Let people know about the needs of Adaptive Surfing Cape Town to be able to offer the opportunity to more surfers - these are real needs, all of which need funding to support.

One of the ways we are doing this is by offering companies a corporate team building/year end function experience. Where they can learn to surf themselves and then become the volunteers on an adaptive surf lesson and give back! So Adaptive Surfing Cape Town isn’t asking for a hand out. We are saying “let’s provide you with an incredible heartfelt experience” and through that you can help others and have an amazing morning at the beach! Find out more about how you can get involved here: https://surfemporium.co.za/adaptive-surfing/

"I just asked my 5-year-old son - why does mom like to teach other people how to surf? His answer “because you love surfing mommy that’s why! ” that’s the answer right there!" - R. Davis. Get involved with Adaptive Surfing here.

We at Surf Emporium are fortunate to have a great platform to contribute to adaptive surfing. We have a trained and willing team of surf coaches, support staff and very enthusiastic volunteers. We endeavor to make a contribution in growing the base of participation among adaptive surfers, training and developing more adaptive surf coaches as well as growing and facilitating a team of active volunteers who have a significant role to play in adaptive surfing.

The Surf Emporium Media Adaptive Surf Day was aimed at creating a greater awareness of adaptive surfing by reaching a far wider audience through the media with the aim of informing as many people as possible about adaptive surfing and to reach more individuals to get them involved in adaptive surfing.

Facts About the Surf Emporium Media Adaptive Day on 20th October 2018

• 21 Adaptive Surfers participating in the clinic including 9 warrior on wheels children, 7 surfers from Khayelitsha, first time surfer Xavier who is blind, first time surfer Pam (age 75) who was National Adaptive Surfing Team Member Tyler Pike’s Physiotherapist since he was a baby joined us as an adaptive surfer after incurring an injury herself swimming at Long Beach in January this year. Two adaptive surfers that are no strangers to surfing came to get Involved and share their journey with new comers one was Elsje Neethling and the other was Kalk Bay Charger Donovan!
• Our youngest Adaptive participant on the day Abdul-Qahhaar (AQ) 4 Years Old and the Old Adaptive Participant Pam is 75 years old.
• Adaptive surfers participating can have various forms of disabilities some not just limited to physical but mental disabilities as well.
• 5 national adaptive team members (Tyler Pike, Caleb Swanepoel, Ant Smyth, Daniel Nel and Grace Anderson)
• Adaptive Surfing National Manager Tasha Mentastie and Coach Brett Gouveia
• 7 qualified Surf Emporium Adaptive Surf Coaches
• 43 Volunteers
• 6 NSRI volunteers and standby medics from station 8 Hout Bay
• 15 Surf Emporium Volunteers and Photography Team
• 4 influencers - Nik Rabinowitz, Michael Mol, Morne Morkel and Steve Pike
• Media - 52 participants registered from various media platforms
• Spectators - tons! More than I could even count
• Vida e Caffe’e sponsored 150 meals, coffees and waters for everyone participating!
• Uber gave us UBER XL vehicles and drivers to transport the adaptive surfers, their families and wheel chairs
• Andrew Cattel from the Brand Stable sponsored all the equipment for the adaptive surfers Fanatic SUPs, Life Jackets, beach chairs and gazebos for beach shade for participants and spectators
• NSRI Station 8 Hout Bay sponsored their time to participate as volunteers and standby medics
• 10 Wynberg Girls High School, 10 Wynberg Boys High School, 6 UCT students were volunteers. There were multiple other individuals that volunteered their time including Max and Jake Elkington. We even had quite a few volunteers that were young kids (10-12yrs old) joining their parents to help out.
• Surfing South Africa sponsored medals for all the adaptive Surfing Participants
• Other incredible partners were Surfing South Africa, World Surf League (WSL), GoPro, Discovery Vitality, Roxy, Quiksilver and Mediaweb

For more information on Adaptive Surfing, please visit: https://surfemporium.co.za/adaptive-surfing/

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