6 Surfing Tips From SA Champ, Roxy Davis

I'm not an advocate of new year resolutions, it's too similar to starting a diet on a Monday. Why set yourself up for failure?
Meaningful change takes time and you will be ready when you are ready...

Here are a few changes I have made in my surfing over the past year. I can only speak of my experience...tried and tested it has certainly worked for me.

Give your board a facelift - Start fresh with a new wax job it's the next best thing to getting a new board. The extra grip and a clean board with get you amped again. You will also be able to spot any hidden dings underneath the dirty wax build up.

Check your equipment - Scan your board from nose to tail for nicks, dings and cracks... Anything that could take on water will reduce the lifespan of your board. It's also time to Q20 your boardbag zipper. The salt buildup can cause the zip to seize costing you a new bag if not maintained. Don't forget to check your leash and fins too!

Stretch before you surf - Dynamic Stretching is important to get your body warmed up and your mind ready for the surf. Spend 5 minutes on the beach warming up while you check the surf. If you never stretch you will never know what you are missing. However once you start you will begin to feel the benefits with improved performance and far fewer injuries.

Rehydrate pre and post surf - During a surf session you will use more energy than you realize. The ocean cools your body temperature down but you are still definitely sweating! Your body needs to replenish its water loss so fill your bottle with water and keep hydrated both pre and post surf session.

Take care of your skin with sunblock and a surf cap - Invest in a good sunblock and make sure you apply it 30 minutes before paddling out. If you are surfing for more than 2 hours take a break to rehydrate and re apply!

You don't need to make dramatic changes, just regular small steps in the right direction. Remember nothing changes if nothing changes.