Learn to Surf Lesson Programme Structure

LESSON 1 ABC’s and correct handling of the equipment in and out the water
LESSON 2 How to push through waves when paddling out/walk in and turn technique
LESSON 3 Quicker jump ups
LESSON 4 Wax your board technique
LESSON 5 Parts of your surfboard and what they are used for
LESSON 6 Photo session ( pics to be put up on the website)
LESSON 7 Surf Etiquette, dropping in,right of way etc
LESSON 8 Surf Lingo
LESSON 9 Foamies Vs Face waves
LESSON 10 Riding sideways
LESSON 11 Riding with control
LESSON 12 Weight distribution acceleration and deceleration
LESSON 13 Photo session ( pics to be put up on the website)
LESSON 14 Turtle turning to get through waves
LESSON 15 Surfing the back line
LESSON 16 Turning your surfboard – manoeuvres

8 thoughts on “Learn to Surf Lesson Programme Structure

  1. Reply
    Lana - 22/11/2012

    Hi there!

    I’m interested in coming for surfing lessons by you guys.
    When does it start?

    Kind regards,

    1. Reply
      Roxy - 04/12/2012

      Hi Lana,
      Great stuff, you can contact us on 021 788 8687 and we would be happy to run through all the options. Looking forward to meeting you!

      Regards Roxy

  2. Reply
    Lulu - 14/12/2012

    I love your site it looks like such fun we dont have anythink like this in Durban. Any idea if they will be starting one here soon?

  3. Reply
    Pong - 01/01/2013

    I want learn surf. How I do?
    Where is there?

  4. Reply
    Samantha - 03/09/2014

    I am really interested in the programme – how are the lessons distributed? Is it once a week? How long is the programme supposed to be?

  5. Reply
    Anita - 13/09/2015

    I an looking for a surf programme for my son in Durbs.

  6. Reply
    shannon - 15/10/2015


    I am really interested in this program , I know before I saw a program for ladies, it had the same program structure. Is this still available?

  7. Reply
    Lucia Giesler - 19/07/2016


    Can I have your email address please. I have some q’s.

    Best regards


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