Surf Emporium Showers Turn Off

Despite our valiant efforts and reduced water consumption as individuals, a business and a city, the Western Cape's drought has now escalated from a threat to an imminent crisis. 
Cape Town - There are just a few days left before Day Zero arrives.

"Day Zero" - these two words have made headlines in both national & international news, sparked heated discussions & united the whole of the Western Cape to come together in an effort to save water. Day Zero, by definition, is the term given to the day where the Mother City's taps will officially run dry. And this day is coming sooner than anticipated as the expected date continues to move forward. Read more on Day Zero here. 

"To those of you who are not yet part of the massive water-saving efforts that are under way in Cape Town, we urge you to join friends, neighbours, colleagues and Team Cape Town as a whole in beating back Day Zero." - Ian Neilson, Cape Town's Deputy Mayor

As of 01 January 2018, Cape Town saw the implementation of Level 6 Water Restrictions and were limited to 87 litres of water per person per day. However, in less than a period of 30 days, and commencing on 01 February 2018, Level 6B Water Restrictions will come into effect and we will all need to further reduce our water consumption to 50 litres of water per person per day. Read more on Level 6B Water Restrictions here. 

It is for that reason that as of 01 February 2018, Surf Emporium Muizenberg will be turning off the shower facilities in both the male & female change-rooms. All customers are encouraged to use the waterless hand sanitizer provided at the basins and to not flush the toilets unnecessarily. 

For further information, please contact Surf Emporium Muizenberg at 021 788 8687 or