Things you should know when Dating a Surfer

Dating a surfer isn’t like your regular relationship…it comes with conditions and commitment. Yes we are the laid back type but when the surf is ON its all about the waves!

Before you say "I Do" here are a few things every non surfer needs to know what they getting themselves into.
I have been surfing for two thirds of my life and my first non surfing holiday was my honeymoon to a Safari Logde. Knowing I can't be out of water for too long my husband made special provision to include a few days at the ocean to get my gills wet. Know that you will be spending every holiday at the ocean!

You will be spending weekends at the beach regardless of the weather so pack for all conditions. Stormy rainy conditions bring big swell so pack a raincoat! No mater how cold or dark it is, you will wake up early for that 'Dawney'. There have been many weekends where my dedicated other half sits in the car with the wipers going and the heater on at full blast.

Get used to the smell of a wet wetsuit lingering in the boot and a sandy car. Also know that a couple pieces of surfboard wax can be found in every surfers car, these may be found in random places but a surfer always carries a little left over wax. Don’t take it personally but If the car has no roof racks the surfboard will always ride shotgun leaving you in the back seat!
There is no distance too far to chase the classic swell on its way...a 700 kilometer drive through the night for a dawnie session in Jbay is not uncommon or a drive around the peninsula checking the spots is the usual weekend activity.
Surfers have the skill of changing anywhere at anytime… get used to changing in the car park next to your car. No towel…no problem!
Never make your other half choose between his two loves…you and the surf. If you want to be part of his life, embrace it and support him.
And remember “if you cant beat them join them”.

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